The Legendary Roofing Company

Gilbert R. Doggett

Thanks to you and your people for the great job you did replacing the roofs on our two buildings! The quality of the roofs and the attention to detail by your crew is very much appreciated. We are also especially appreciative of your willingness to work with us through the entire process from selection of materials until the last shingle was installed.

As you know, we were pretty upset over the wind damage to the roofs and the resulting potential for further damage to the buildings. Watching you and your crew attack the job and complete it in such a timely manner was a huge relief to all of us.

We are also very pleased with the appearance of the roofs and the way they compliment the appearance of the buildings. If you ever need a recommendation just give us a call.

Gilbert R. Doggett Chairman,
Buildings and Grounds Committee
Honey Creek Presbyterian Church

The Legendary Roofing Company